Friday, January 14, 2011

Airplane Etiquette

Sitting in Logan Airport, I find it amazing that people are already standing around waiting to board the plane twenty minutes before schedule. Think about it, these people are frantically pushing and shoving so they can be first in line to sit in a tin can for five hours. Amazing.

Due to a woefully inaccurate guesstimation of how long it would take to get to the airport, I arrived at my gate an hour and a half before departure. Left with little options for killing time, I alternate between searching the web or scanning the room in for people I don't want to sit next to. Obviously the criteria for such a "competition" is overwhelmingly superficial, but I don't feel bad admitting guilt to such things since--I know for a fact--you do them too. (I swear, I'm not anti-social....promise!) Generally though, regardless of who you sit next to, the flight goes off smoothly and you barely notice the person next to you.

That is, unless, said individual starts talking to and doesn't stop.

Now, I can handle a short conversation here or there over the span of a long flight. Most times, the person has an interesting story or two to share and maybe you even have something in common. That being said, I find it bothersome when people feel that, just because you're sitting next to them, you want to talk THE ENTIRE FLIGHT! In most cases, such individuals are easy to spot since they try to strike up a conversation as soon as you either sit down or immediately after take-off. In such instances, an Ipod or book comes in handy but unfortunately, electronic devices are only allowed once the flight reaches 20,000' and books don't muffle out noise.

To protect yourself from any potential talk-a-thon it's good to establish yourself as an individual who would make either a horrible conversationalist or crazy. This can easily be accomplished with such responses as "You can see me!?", "You smell nice" or connecting ever aspect of the conversation back to Star Wars.

About to get on the plane.

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