Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fall Break

Last week was the Umbra Institutes fall break. While most kids were planning intensely for excursions to other European countries I decided to spend my time solely in Italy. Now, I feel the need to defend myself form those who say I'm merely wasting a perfectly good opportunity to see other parts of the world. Yes, it is true, there are places in Europe other than Italy which have a lot to offer in terms of culture and experiences; but since I chose to study in Italy I figure I might as well "see" Italy. Therefore, I decided to split my ten day vacation in half and spend the first five days in Perugia/Umbria and the other five days traveling and riding in the surrounding Italian national parks. Why the national parks? Well--to be honest--while I do really appreciate art and architecture what really attracts me to places is the natural terrain and the people--frescoes are really of second importance.

So, in the blogs that will follow I will attempt to cover all the adventures I had, the places I saw, and the people I saw. The first of my posts will cover the first five days in Perugia and the next post will include the days I spent traveling in Ascoli Piceno and L'Aquila.

Anyway, this post wont cover either of those. Instead this is a prologue to my future posts...an "Episode1: The Phantom Menace" if you will. Speaking of "The Phantom Menace," in the time it takes to write my next post feel free to entertain yourself by watching these--a seven part review of "The Phantom Menace" which i stumbled upon while being "productive."



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