Sunday, October 17, 2010

It's About Time!

I saw my first car crash today while riding my bike--dont worry, it was a fender bender and no one was hurt. Why is this a note worthy event you ask? For those who have never ridden a bike/driven a car in Italy, let me be the first to tell you that Italian drivers are HORRIBLE! Only in Italy have I ever felt scared to go through an intersection while I had the right of way and only in Italy have I ever been scared to have cars drive behind me. For starters, they tend to sit no more than five feet behind my back wheel and when they do finally pass, they cut back into the lane no more than five feet ahead of my front wheel. Unbelievable.

I can go on and on about Italian drivers...but I wont. Obviously, not ALL drivers here are would be over dramatic to say they are. However, a good number definitely need to go back to driving school. Either that or stop watching Formula 1.

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